Lucid Sight’s Fazri Zubair deceives his customers.

Fazri Zubair, CTO of Lucid Sight, is exposed in selectively refunding customers after promises are broken.

Lucid Sight, the creators of Crypto Space Commanders (CSC) and MLB Champions (MLBC), has been nothing short of deceitful and dishonest during their tenure in the crypto assets space.  In an era of a push toward decentralized assets in which “true digital ownership” is at the forefront, Lucid Sight continues to head in the opposite direction by lying to its customers.  The flat out dishonesty starts with its CTO, Fazri Zubair.

This article only includes the blatant lies recorded by factual evidence.  Lucid Sight has developed an extreme pattern of misleading their customers over the course of the past year, however that will be covered in a different series of articles.

In 2018, Babe Ruth figures were sold to directly by Lucid Sight.  They were promised to be advantageous to 2019 gameplay.  Although this is a separate issue altogether, they turned out to be completely useless for 2019 gameplay.  Fazri decided that since they were useless, he would refund a customer the full price of the digital asset as per the customer’s request.  Although this was seen as admirable, it is what happened afterward that would result in lies and deception.

To protect the identities of the users involved, they will be referred to as User A, B, etc.  User A is a purchaser of one of the Babe Ruth figures in question.  After learning that the Babe Ruth figures did not have the promised advantages, he approached Fazri Zubair and requested a refund.  Fazri provided User A with a full refund, but in doing so, asked User A to NOT tell anyone about the refund.  User A told Fazri that two individuals already knew about the refund, as he was speaking with them privately while it was occurring.

One of those individuals, who knew about Fazri’s condition of “keeping it quiet,” was in charge of the MLBCPlayers twitter account.  This individual posted a tweet explaining that “You may actually be able to get a refund from @FazriZubair for certain things.”  Shortly after the tweet was posted, Fazri Zubair messaged User A with the following:

A message from Fazri Zubair, CTO of Lucid Sight, to the user that he refunded, regarding the possible exposure of his selective refunding scheme.

After one of the individuals told community members about the refund, others wanted to pursue a Babe Ruth figure refund as well.  This brings User B into play.  User B also purchased a Babe Ruth figure and requested a refund from Fazri.  He was told the following:

When User B inquired about others being refunded for the Babe Ruth figure, Fazri Zubair stated the following:

User B was ultimately denied a refund for the same item in which User A received a refund for.  Fazri Zubair not only tried to keep the refund quiet, but when the refund was exposed, he blatantly lied, denying that a refund was ever made and calling it “false info.” 

Notice that he points to the “terms of service,” which was a major point in a previous article involving Lucid Sight seizing hundreds of thousands of NFTs from customers.  It is also important to note that the individual who leaked the fact that Fazri Zubair was refunding select customers for Babe Ruth assets was also one of the victims of the “account bannings for using scripts” about 2 weeks following this event.

Lucid Sight should not lie or deceive their customers in ANY way.  No company should do so.  Especially a blockchain/cryptocurreny company that is developing dapps that promise transparency and true digital ownership through decentralization.

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